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From: Martin Cory
Subject: Colleen’s Erotic Adventures 4This story contains details of explicit sexual acts.If you’re under eighteen, or are turned off by explicit
sexual contact, stop Preteen Art
reading here. Otherwise, enjoy!
Colleen’s Erotic Adventures 4by Martin Cory
We both were looking at the picture in the magazine; my hand worked
feverishly on my hot pussy.”Oh, that’s it Colleen…” Angie said, “…rub your pussy; look at that nasty
bitch suck that cock…ooh…”I didn’t take my eyes off the naked girl in the photo; her mouth filled with
hard cock and her beautiful legs spread wide, allowing her girlfriend easy
access to her pussy. And the girl going down on her was equally fine; her
petite white body curled up and kneeling; her hair bunched on her head; her
wonderful tongue, Preteen Art clearly visible, jutted out of her open mouth, planted
directly on her lovers pussy; her eyes focused on the sexual assault
happening to her girlfriends mouth.The knowledge that the photo was a picture of real people; people actually
engaged in explicit hardcore sex; the things they were doing in the picture
was being done in real life; oh, they were so dirty.”Oh, they’re so nasty…” Angie said.I looked at her; my hand still in my pants, never stopping my rhythmic
strokes. Angie’s hips were still gyrating; our pelvic thrusts seemed to keep
perfect time.Angie turned to me; her eyes darted between my own and down to my crotch.
Every time her eyes met mine I felt a spark; it was like knowing what we
were doing was dirty, something we had to keep secret; her eyes told me she
felt the same way.I reached my free hand out and started rubbing Angie’s pussy through her
pants.”Ohhh…” Angie moaned while moving her hips back and forth, applying
pressure on my hand as I rubbed her pussy. Our slow rhythm uninterrupted, I
continued rubbing the both of us simultaneously for a number of minutes.In between glances at the porno magazine and my panting face, Angie would
let out soft pronounced moans, “Oh, Colleen…you’re turning me on so much…”She was so hot; and I wanted so much more.”You wanna watch me do it naked?” I asked.”Oh, Colleen…yes…yes, please let me watch you jack-off…mmm…please…”Oh, the way she talked; man, it just turned me on for some reason.”I love it when you talk like that…” I said.She lifted her head, looked right into my eyes; smiling, she said, “Mmm…you
perverted little slut, get naked for me and let me watch you fuck your tight
little pussy…”"Oh, Angie…I love it…yes!” I said and squeezed her pussy, making her lift
her butt up a little higher; her pussy was getting hotter and she was
definitely developing a wet spot.
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